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The Role Of A Forensic Accountant In A Divorce

Posted on : July 15, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez

One of the most critical aspects of a divorce is finances, apart from child custody. Most commonly, divorces face financial issues like child support, spousal support or alimony, and property division. Working with a forensic accountant can help you ensure that your marital assets are divided fairly and equitably, but do you really need to […]

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Are You More Likely To Divorce Over 50?

Posted on : July 9, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez

Divorce Trends Making The News Many people wonder if their marriage will be a lasting one. That is always the hope. We don’t engage in a marriage with the thought of divorce, if anything, most people look at divorce and hope that their marriage lasts. Having seen the effects of divorce, most of us hope […]

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