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What You Need to Know About Child Custody Modification Proceedings in New Jersey

Posted on : May 14, 2020
Modifying child custody in NJ is easier with an experienced divorce lawyer
Can I Modify My Child Support? After parents divorce or choose to separate, life goes on. However, the needs of the children may adjust over time and parents may also have a reasonable desire to change or modify an existing custody agreement to assist with moving on to new jobs or establishing new relationships among […]

What Is Temporary Child Custody in New Jersey?

Posted on : December 19, 2018
Child Custody Help In North Bergen
One of the most important aspects of your impending divorce that needs to be addressed as soon as possible once you enter the court is temporary child custody. If you and your spouse cannot come to your own terms of agreement about temporary child custody, the judge in the case is responsible for reviewing your […]

What If Shared Custody Is Not Right for Your Children?

Posted on : October 15, 2017
Best Divorce Lawyer In Bergen County
You probably have many questions about how to handle child custody when getting a divorce- for most people, it’s the most important concern to be addressed in the dissolution of their marriage. Shared custody might have been turned to as the assumed model for parenting after two individuals decide to get divorced. It might have […]