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Should I Move Out Before My Divorce Is Final?

Posted on : February 17, 2021
Many people mistakenly believe that if they’re getting a divorce, one spouse should move out of the hosue to make things easier. They may be afraid of increased conflict if they stay. However, moving out can be even more problematic.  If you move out before your divorce is finalized, you risk:  Showing the Court Your […]

Husband’s Dislike of Wife’s Friends Can Increase Chances of Divorce

Posted on : July 22, 2020
Can Your Friends Be Cause For Divorce? It turns out that who you are friends with may have an impact on your likelihood for divorce. While most marriages break down due to problems around communication, trust, and wanting different things, divorce experts often conduct comprehensive studies to learn more about what causes couples to split. […]

How to Help Kids Cope with Separation

Posted on : June 2, 2020
Getting A Divorce In Bergen County
Major Changes For Your Children The major changes that occur in their life after you and your spouse have decided to separate don’t impact just you.  They also impact their children. Separation and divorce can be especially painful for children who have kids, and it is necessary for both parties to get on the same […]

Is Mediation Right for You?

Posted on : April 20, 2020
Hackensack Divorce Lawyer
Divorcing In New Jersey Getting a divorce can be a frightening and overwhelming prospect. You may have heard that divorces cost thousands of dollars and that the stress of dissolving a marriage — especially if you have kids — can take an extreme toll on your family. Fortunately, not all divorces are like this. Mediation […]

What a Prenuptial Agreement Can and Cannot Do

Posted on : February 20, 2020
Hackensack Prenuptial Agreement Attorney
If you’re getting married or considering marriage, understanding what a prenuptial agreement is and what it can and cannot do is of the utmost importance. This is especially true if you’re coming into the marriage with a great deal of assets. The idea that a prenuptial agreement is “unromantic” is a misunderstanding of what the […]