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What If Shared Custody Is Not Right for Your Children?

Posted on : October 15, 2017, By:  Erlina Perez
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You probably have many questions about how to handle child custody when getting a divorce- for most people, it’s the most important concern to be addressed in the dissolution of their marriage.

Shared custody might have been turned to as the assumed model for parenting after two individuals decide to get divorced. It might have even made sense at the time but there are numerous different reasons why you may want to schedule a meeting with a divorce attorney to walk through modifications to existing child custody orders. In general, judges are hesitant to adjust child custody orders particularly if it has been some time that the children have become used to the current visitation and custody schedule.

However, if you can illustrate that significant changes have happened that warrant the insight of a judge to update an existing custody order, you may have a greater chance of spending more time with your children or adjusting for significant developments in the other parent’s life such as development of abusive behavior or accepting a new job out of state. These extenuating circumstances should be discussed directly with a divorce attorney prior to filing a modification request. Trying to handle a modification request filed in the court on your own could expose you to the possibility of making mistakes and with so much at risk for your children and their future, you need to avoid this possibility wherever you can.

A consultation directly with a lawyer is strongly recommended to give you the peace of mind and support necessary to file a modification in the courts. It is never easy to accept that a child custody order may be difficult to change but the influence of your lawyer and his or her experience in the field can drastically increase the way you feel about this case and the best way to approach your concerns. Schedule a consultation today with an experienced divorce lawyer.

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