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Are You More Likely To Divorce Over 50?

Posted on : June 9, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez

Divorce Trends Making The News

Many people wonder if their marriage will be a lasting one. That is always the hope. We don’t engage in a marriage with the thought of divorce, if anything, most people look at divorce and hope that their marriage lasts. Having seen the effects of divorce, most of us hope that our marriage surpasses that of our friends or family, who, unfortunately, may have grown apart from their spouse and filed for divorce. Divorce can be a sad process or experience however, it is by no means the end of the story. Some couples go onto becoming greater friends.

You may believe that most people ponder divorce in their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s, however, and surprisingly, it appears that some of us do not begin to contemplate divorce until we are in our 50’s. According to recent news, those over 55 are filing for divorce more often.

Gray Divorces For Those Over 50

There is a term for couples divorcing over the age of 50, Gray Divorce. Not long ago, couples over the age of 50 simply decided to live apart and not make a divorce official.  They would go on into their retirement years married on paper and not concern themselves with filing the proper paperwork to initiate a divorce. That process has changed. More and more couples over the age of 50 are deciding to move into the next phase of their life on their own terms.  Maybe that is an indication of individuals taken control of their future and their happiness and finding that their life is more fulfilling on their own. Whatever the case may be, Gray Divorces have almost doubled.

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Things To Consider During A Gray Divorce

A Gray Divorce does come with some unique considerations, after all, these tend to be long marriages that encompass a multitude of elements that were constructed over a period of years, if not decades.

What to Make Note Of:

  • Alimony: the longer the marriage, the likelihood that your alimony payments or entitlements will be more substantial.
  • Retirement: benefits related to retirement, depending on the state you live in, may be a part of your divorce settlement.
  • Property Division: in many states, your property may be subject to division if acquired during the marriage, regardless of which of your names is on the properties title.

Get Help With Your Divorce

Needless to say, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you need to be fully prepared for every possible outcome. A long marriage may imply that you can be cordial and agreeable to one another, however, in many cases, couples have had their fill of one another and decide not to cooperate with each other during the course of their divorce. It is important to contact an experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer for assistance to ensure that your rights are preserved.