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How Do I Know Whether I Have A High Conflict or Low Conflict Divorce?

Posted on : March 13, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez
Attorney For High Conflict Divorce In New Jersey

Facing Conflicts During Your New Jersey Divorce

Regardless of how you decide to file for divorce in New Jersey or even if it is not your decision, but the decision of your spouse, it can be difficult to sort out all of the emotional issues surrounding the decisions that must be made. Conflict is inevitable in practically every divorce. However, not every divorce is amicable or filled with extreme tension. There are signs of both low conflict and high conflict divorces that can help direct you to the appropriate legal representation for your individual situation.

Warning Signs Of A Low-Conflict Divorcing Couple

A low conflict couple is more likely to;

  • Prioritize their child’s well-being.
  • Communicate effectively between one another and make compromises where necessary.
  • Seek mediation where possible.
  • Only use their attorneys as aggressive tool when absolutely necessary.
  • Aim for fair settlements.

Warning Signs of A High-Conflict Divorcing Couple

There are also signs that can indicate that you are involved in a high conflict divorce, even if it is not your intention to be a part of one. A high conflict divorce involves one or both partners who:

  • Feel as though they are out for revenge.
  • Blame the former partner for everything.
  • Fight over electronic communication, such as email and social media.
  • Bad mouth their ex in front of friends or their children.
  • Attempt to undermine the co-parenting relationship that other parent maintains with the kids.

Making Matters Worse During A New Jersey Divorce

These high conflict divorces can amplify the emotions and challenges of resolving the issues that must be addressed in the end of a marriage.

Although a low conflict divorce means that you might be able to resolve things out of court in mediation, this depends on how much the other party is willing to work with you. Not all former spouses are in the right frame of mind to come to agreeable terms with one another on any or all aspects of the divorce.

Do You Feel Your Divorce Is Leaning Into High-Conflict?

For a high conflict divorce, you need to have a relationship with an attorney you can trust. Your New Jersey Divorce Lawyer should know the lay of the land when it comes to preparing for these cases and some of the common tactics used by the other side that can delay positive outcomes in such a case.

Protect yourself by speaking with a compassionate Divorce and Family Lawyer in New Jersey that can properly guide you through a high-conflict divorce.