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How Has Cohabitation Changed in The New Jersey Alimony Law?

Posted on : April 26, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez
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Are you curious about whether or not you’d be able to get alimony in New Jersey?

For plenty of people on both sides of the divorce, questions about alimony lead to points of confusion. Alimony is not awarded in every single divorce case.

Even when it is awarded, the judge has a lot of discretion about how the alimony laws should apply. Sometimes, alimony is awarded on a temporary basis to help support one spouse in getting back on their feet post-divorce. In other cases, the alimony might be given over the long run.

New Laws On Alimony

New alimony laws were passed last September that directs New Jersey family law judges and attorneys that two individuals are not required to live together full time in order for cohabitation to be established in an alimony case. This applies to those cases in which alimony payments can be modified or terminated.

Living together is a factor that courts can consider to determine whether or not co-habitation applies, but the frequency of overnight stays has not yet been clarified in case-law or in the statutes. Sometimes an alimony agreement is not adaptable to the circumstances of the parties long after the divorce has occurred. This means that alimony modifications might be required; the only way to thoroughly protect yourself in the event of alimony awards.

Case-by-case Basis

An experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer can walk you through what to do if you are curious about getting alimony in your case or are concerned about the circumstances through which it could be terminated. Alimony is awarded on a case by case basis, once the judge has used his or her discretion to evaluate numerous factors that apply in the case. The only way to know whether or not your alimony could be modified is to sit down with an experienced attorney and discuss the circumstances that you believe are the grounds for why alimony awards could be updated or changed.    

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