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How To Prepare For Your Divorce Filing In New Jersey

Posted on : December 12, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez

Organizing Ahead Of Filing For Divorce

It may seem frustrating and tedious to gather all of the information and possible documentation necessary to file for a divorce, but the fact is, the sooner you get on with it, the better prepared you will be when you meet with your New Jersey divorce lawyer. Financial documents, property documents, bills and dates, all of these will help your attorney in not only preparing and filing your divorce but also protect you. The more information your divorce attorney has, the better off you will be and the higher the likelihood that you will be happier with the outcome of your divorce in the future.

Make A List And Check It Twice

You should have a goal to create and gather a list of items that you may need to help you begin the divorce process. Some items may include:

  • Employer paystubs (at least one month) or a letter stating what your position is, how long you have worked there, your salary details, including how often you are paid.
  • Your spouse’s employment information if available
  • Tax Returns for at least the last three years
  • Bank account statements both individual and joint if any

Future Discovery Of Documentation

Depending on the type of divorce that you are filing, you may later be required to provide additional documentation. If you will either be paying or receiving alimony or child support, your income and your spouses’ income and assets will play a central role in the final support orders.

No-Fault Divorce

In a No-Fault divorce, it is often a matter of each of the spouse’s attorneys coming to amicable mutual agreements and that makes the process much smoother and less time consuming, however, where contentious separations exist, there may be a need for a Fault Divorce.

At-Fault Divorce

In the case of an At-Fault Divorce, the process can be tenser, take much longer and in the end, neither party may be as satisfied as would be the case in a mutually agreeable agreement. In addition, an at-fault divorce may likely require court intervention with multiple involved parties and of course, more documents and records that will result in a lengthier divorce proceeding.

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