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Are Money Troubles Causing You to Think About Divorce?

Posted on : August 23, 2017, By:  Erlina Perez
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Marriage is never easy, and most couples find that the same topics come up over and over again in terms of arguments. Over time, this can break down trust and communication and lead one or both parties to contemplate divorce in New Jersey.

Many couples now are contemplating marriage at older ages and many are thinking about using tools like prenuptial agreements and having separate bank accounts as a way to protect themselves. According to a recent study from Kansas State University using more than 4500 couples, a top predictor of divorce was whether or not those couples argued about money, and a Creditcards.com report shows that more than 7 million Americans have a credit card account or bank account hidden from their partner or live-in spouse. If you are feeling financially constrained on a regular basis, your relationship will suffer.

Making enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle and to accomplish your goals is important but being on the same page when it comes to reaching your financial target in spending is the next step. Plenty of people however, suffer through arguments over money and this becomes a key predictor of whether or not they will get divorced. Other common predictors of whether or not people would ultimately feel constrained and contemplate divorce include abuse, different lifestyles, falling out of love, cheating, drugs and alcohol or perception of a spouse as a control freak. Money arguments can build up over time and can become such a persistent argument that couples begin to hide information from their partner. This can prompt significant arguments if the partner ever discovers the hidden credit card or bank account and can prompt people to feel as though they cannot trust their partner.

Furthermore, significant financial problems such as massive debt or hidden accounts being spent on something the spouse wouldn’t approve of, such as gambling, could serve as a major pressure point prompting the couple into marital counseling or even to the offices of a divorce attorney. If you are currently contemplating divorce as a result of disagreements over money issues, you need to consult with an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer.


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