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Husband’s Dislike of Wife’s Friends Can Increase Chances of Divorce

Posted on : July 22, 2020, By:  Erlina Perez

Can Your Friends Be Cause For Divorce?

It turns out that who you are friends with may have an impact on your likelihood for divorce. While most marriages break down due to problems around communication, trust, and wanting different things, divorce experts often conduct comprehensive studies to learn more about what causes couples to split. A recent finding indicates that if your husband can’t get behind your girlfriends that you could be headed for trouble.

Evaluating Friendships

A new study evaluating friendships and marriage determined that a husband’s dislike of a wife’s female friends during the first year of marriage increases the chances that the couple would end up divorced. This was compared with the results than when husbands were fine with the friendships of the wife. One interesting aspect of the study, however, was that African-American couples were not consistent with these findings. In both white and black couples, however, when the husband felt that a wife’s friend interfered directly with the marriage, the chance of divorce was almost double.

Research After A Decade Of Marriage

This research was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in May. The study involved 355 white and black heterosexual couples in the early years of the marriage project. Approximately, 55% of black couples and 36% of white couples divorced within the first 16 years of their marriage.

Considering A Divorce?

No matter what the reason, seriously considering divorce is an overwhelming prospect and one that warrants the insight of an experienced and dedicated lawyer. Getting help and getting your questions answered as soon as possible are just some of the critical steps you need to take if you find yourself in the position of ending your marriage.

Get Help With Your New Jersey Divorce

If you are struggling with issues in your marriage such as friends who interfere with the relationship, you may wish to consult with a New Jersey divorce attorney about the next steps that you wish to take. Talking to a lawyer does not necessarily obligate you to file for divorce, but it can give you an overview of what to expect should you choose to move forward.

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