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New Study Shows That One Quarter of Americans Get Divorced Because of Chores

Posted on : April 20, 2018, By:  Erlina Perez
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There has been plenty of research on the different factors that can increase your chances for getting a divorce but many people don’t realize that aside from money and issues of infidelity and trust that chores are a prominent issue that is increasingly becoming the subject of divorce cases. In fact, one recent study found that up to 25% of couples getting a divorce did so as a result of the division of chores.

Having little or no time to relax after work can lead to depression, whereas using income to increase your leisure time can enhance a person’s mood. Researchers say that people don’t have to spend a lot of money outsourcing particular chores to see a big difference in their overall happiness. More than 3,000 committed couples were recently studied in a project from Harvard Business School and they found that 25% of divorced people ultimately split up over disagreements associated with housework. The study also identified that the more money was spent on cleaning services, the better relationship satisfaction occurred. Many couples may argue not just about outsourcing the cleaning services but over who is responsible for what.

This can lead to very uncomfortable and difficult situations for everyone involved. But scheduling time to talk to an experienced divorce attorney can help open your eyes about whether or not this is truly the right situation for you. Getting the support of a dedicated New Jersey divorce lawyer can help clarify critical issues about what you may anticipate if you choose to move forward with filing and how to proceed most effectively to minimize your chances of common problems. The support of a knowledgeable divorce attorney can ease your life during an otherwise very challenging time.

Is housework causing you and your family stress? If you’re not able to outsource it to someone else and you feel the pressure mounting, you might ultimately need an attorney to help you figure out how to separate or get divorced. No matter how the issues emerge, make sure you talk to an attorney you can trust.