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The Role Of A Forensic Accountant In A Divorce

Posted on : July 15, 2019, By:  Erlina Perez

One of the most critical aspects of a divorce is finances, apart from child custody. Most commonly, divorces face financial issues like child support, spousal support or alimony, and property division. Working with a forensic accountant can help you ensure that your marital assets are divided fairly and equitably, but do you really need to spend the extra money to hire one? 

What Do Forensic Accountants Do? 

A forensic accountant is someone who evaluates the finances of a business or individual and examines and interprets the data in a way that is suitable for use as proof in a New Jersey court of law. 

How to Tell If You Should Hire One 

A forensic accountant is usually hired for divorces that are high net worth, but anyone getting a divorce can work with one. In situations where you think your spouse may be keeping assets hidden from you so you can’t access them during the divorce, it may be beneficial to hire a forensic accountant. Your attorney can work with you to determine if your case warrants the use of a forensic accountant and if the investment is likely to be worthwhile for you. 

Consequences of Not Having a Forensic Accountant

If you choose not to hire a forensic accountant and you don’t have a lot of assets at risk, you’re not likely to have to deal with many issues. If the chance that your spouse would be concealing assets from you is low or you agree on most things and your divorce is uncontested, a forensic accountant may be an unnecessary expense. 

However, if there’s a lot at stake and you could gain financially from your divorce, it may be a better option to make sure you’re protected. A forensic accountant can help you make sure that your spouse isn’t hiding money or other assets to avoid having them distributed equitably during the divorce. They can also assist in putting a value on your assets so the division between you and your spouse is fair. 

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help 

An experienced divorce attorney can help you locate a skilled forensic accountant for your case and will work tirelessly to seek assets that rightfully belong to you. Your lawyer can help you protect your rights during your divorce and your financial future when your divorce is over. Contact Erlina Perez today for a consultation to discuss your divorce and the need for a forensic accountant by calling toll free at (201) 880-7070.