Of all of the complicated issues that must be resolved in your New Jersey divorce, there is no doubt that no matter which parent you are, you are concerned about the impact of child support. A parent who may be financially responsible for paying child support is interested in the factors used to determine the amount of child support and how to get set up to pay it.

A parent who may be the recipient of child support will likely have questions about the establishment of child support, modification of child support and enforcement of child support orders. In New Jersey, child custody and child support laws require that every parent be responsible for financially supporting the child. When separating or divorcing, it is critical that a child support settlement is reached that helps to protect the children’s needs and interests.

New Jersey court rules require guidelines to be considered when it comes to child support obligations and awards. There are many different considerations and variables involved in the court rules in the case law in the state of New Jersey. Working with a Hackensack child support attorney helps you understand how your child support settlement will ultimately be reached. Child support calculations are established in accordance with guidelines outlined by the New Jersey legislature. To start with a child support case in New Jersey, the expenses and income of each parent have to evaluated. After the point at which the time that the child will spend with each parent is planned and determined, child support is often linked directly to child custody agreement.

When parents are scheduled to spend more time with children than the other parent, they could be awarded a larger child support payment. Each parent’s financial situation as well as the unique needs of the child are taken into consideration when determining a child support amount. Whether you are interested in how child support will affect your child custody agreement or your overall divorce, or you are interested in modifying an existing child support order, a Hackensack child support attorney can assist you with this process.