Domestic Violence is a complicated legal issue that often involves the intersection of criminal and family law. When you are contemplating child custody, separation or divorce, the element of domestic violence can produce added complexity. Domestic abuse in New Jersey can include harassment, assault, sexual abuse, terroristic threats, emotional abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse.

Although there are permanent scars and disabilities potentially associated with physical abuse, verbal and emotional abuse can also be just as damaging. These can require many years for a victim to heal. Furthermore, in addition to the emotional and physical trauma there are many different feelings including shame, fear and embarrassment for a domestic violence victim.

If you believe that you are a victim of domestic violence, it is imperative that you identify a Hackensack domestic violence family lawyer who can help understand the complex factors involved in your case. Whether you are interested in obtaining an order of protection or curious about how allegations of domestic violence will impact your divorce and other legal issues such as child custody, you need an attorney who has helped others in this situation. It can feel overwhelming or even impossible to contemplate going to the process of a divorce by yourself when domestic violence is an issue.

However, consulting with an attorney who has helped handle temporary restraining orders, emergency restraining orders and other aspects of domestic violence are crucial. Knowing your rights and responsibilities and the best steps that you can take to protect yourself as well as your children is extremely empowering when you are a victim of abuse. Identifying the right attorney gives you a place to turn when you have critical questions about your case and can help you navigate the complex process of bringing forward charges of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a complicated and dynamic family issue that requires insight from an attorney who cares not just about you but also about your future. Identifying a lawyer as soon as possible after an issue of domestic violence has emerged is critical.