New Milford, NJ

New Milford offers area access to a lot of educational opportunities with Bergen County Technical Schools, Bergen Tech Campus in Paramus, andNew Milford Divorce Attorney, NJ Bergen County Academies in Hackensack. New Milford is also home to the Art Center of Northern New Jersey.

New Milford Divorce Filings

You may choose to file for divorce in New Milford on fault or irreconcilable differences grounds. If you and your spouse have already lived apart for 18 months, you can initiate divorce proceedings on fault grounds including exclude cruelty, adultery, drug abuse, desertion for longer than a year, alcohol abuse, deviant sexual conduct or imprisonment for longer than 18 months.

Requirements to File Divorce in New Milford NJ

At least one of the spouses in the divorce has to have lived in New Jersey for a minimum of one year before filing. There is no specific waiting period for divorce as a judge can enter a divorce decree after a court hearing. Many people going through the process of divorce in New Milford have questions about property division, alimony, child custody and child support. These are the critical issues decided in any divorce and if you are unable to come to resolution terms with your former spouse on your own about these, the court will be responsible for deciding this at their discretion.

Grounds for Filing for Divorce in New Milford NJ

The grounds for doing so depend on the type of issue that is being resolved. For example, New Jersey is an equitable distribution property state; meaning that any property accumulated over the course of the marriage is to be distributed fairly and equitably. Permanent or temporary alimony can have a significant impact on both spouses, which is why it is essential to identify an attorney who understands these issue at the outset.

Child Support After Divorce

Both parents are responsible for financially supporting their child until that child’s high school graduation or until he or she turns 18, whichever of these comes later. Furthermore, if you are unable to generate a parenting plan that considers visitation and custody together, a court generates the custody agreement for those parents.

When you have questions about your family’s future during a New Jersey divorce, you need to turn to an experienced and dedicated lawyer as soon as possible. Our divorce attorneys in Paramus can also offer you legal support if you are going through divorce in Paramus.