For many people in Hackensack, the issues involved with resolving a divorce do not end when the decree is handed down. Although the decree may clearly address critical issues like equitable distribution, child support, child custody and spousal support, some of these issues may need to be changed over time based on extenuating circumstances in the family. This leads to post-judgment modification or an enforcement of an existing divorce agreement.

In many cases, it is necessary to change or modify the time sharing or child custody agreement that the parties agreed to at the time of their divorce or what was listed on their original orders. Changes in employment, changes in the children, relocation, and remarriage are some of the most common reasons you may seek assistance with this. When you believe that situations have changed enough to warrant updating the orders, you can do so with the help of your Bergen County divorce lawyer. Someone who is already familiar with your case can help you identify your next steps.

Modification or termination of support maybe brought by a party who has been paying child support. In many cases, alimony obligations are assessed to help a spouse receiving the payments to get back on his or her feet. But once they have obtained the necessary training or education, these awards maybe modified. Enforcement of the divorce agreement is another issue that often comes up as it relates to post modification issues.

One party may not comply with the terms of a court order or settlement agreement such as by failing to pay child support, transferring assets as ordered, equitable distribution payments or non-payment of alimony. Enforcing the divorce agreement requires an experienced Hackensack divorce modification and enforcement attorney.

One of the last reasons that someone may wish to modify an existing order has to do with child support. If the parent paying child support, for example, has lost his or her job and is no longer financially able to keep up with the payments, or if there are extenuating new medical conditions that require more child support, either party can come forward with the modification of child support with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.