I hired Erlina Perez to represent me in a difficult divorce involving a custody dispute. During this very difficult time, Erlina was always available to answer my questions and concerns, She would promptly return my calls and answer my emails, even on weekends. She was always available. She fought hard for custody on my son and to get me the appropriate amount of support, despite my Husband’s refusal to negotiate reasonably. She knew the ins and outs of the court and was always very knowledgeable regarding the divorce process. Most importantly, she was very compassionate and understanding of the ordeal I was going through. I am so happy I hired her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent divorce lawyer!

-Lisa O. on Google 

I had the pleasure of working with Erlina Perez. She helped me as I filed to obtain custody of my 6 year son and also obtain child support. I knew it wasn’t something I would be able to handle on my own, and I’m glad I didn’t. During the process of my case, Erlina was always quick to answer any questions I had and was extremely helpful in making me understand every process and what I am entitled to. I never had to wonder what was going on because she always kept me updated. She made me feel comfortable and secure about everything that was going on. When it finally came down to going to the courthouse to finally close my case, the Court had actually made an error. Erlina quickly picked it up and made sure it was corrected right away so that I walked away with everything I deserved. I am grateful to have had her as my attorney and will recommend her to anyone who is going through what I had to go through.

-Stephanie on avvo.com

Erlina handled the annulment of my marriage effectively. The adversary tried to drag out the case with untrue claims and intimidation. Erlina focused on the facts and got the case resolved in 6 months in my favor. A lot of people told me annulments were rare and hard to get in New Jersey because it is a “no fault” state. I knew my case did merit an annulment and was relieved to find a lawyer who fought for the same. Erlina was great with working over email/phone. I had to make sure I kept my full time job through the case so as to pay my bills. I went to their offices only once and completed the rest of the paperwork/consultation over phone/email which was good.

-Anonymous on avvo.com

Ms Erlina Perez helped me during the tough times of my divorce. She made life a little easier and less stressful. I am grateful for her help, assistance and professionalism.

-Joris on avvo.com

Erlina is an excellent matrimonial law attorney,very supportive during this stressful and difficult moment of my life. She is very knowledgeable, professional, reliable, compassionate and kind. She was always looking out for my best interest and always responded to all my emails or calls. I highly recommend her services.

-Anonymous on avvo.com

I recently was a client for Erlina, she assisted me with my divorce. I liked the fact that she explained the plan, followed through on it and always kept me updated on what was going on and what the next step would be.

-Rossy on avvo.com

Erlina assisted me with my divorce. I did not worry once I hired her, she took care of everything. I was very happy with her services!

-Anonymous on lawyer.com